Kontractor by Kopron

We are a division of the Kopron group, specializing in turnkey , industrial, commercial and logistical construction, to satisfy every requirement.


Kontractor by Kopron
General Contractor

We are a general contractor: we deal with the construction and coordination of complex real estate projects; we guarantee to the customer the complete respect of times, costs and quality of the work.

We construct high-quality buildings that are both sustainable and environmentally friendly. Our goal is to create a positive and lasting impact for the local area and community.

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Our values

People who choose Kontractor share our values of environmental, social, and human sustainability. Respect for people and the environment are at the core of our thinking and working approach.

What services do we offer

Project Management

We offer consultancy and engineering services, ad hoc studies for the client or the designer who wishes to manage the real estate transaction.

Turnkey construction

As a General Contractor, solely responsible for the order we are able tooffer our clients a complete and customized service, from design to turnkey construction.

Our projects

Since 2016 we have been building different sized properties for various uses,
throughout Italywith a track record of references that has allowed us to constantly evolve and enjoy continuous growth.

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Kontractor by Kopron


Write to us for information regarding projects.