The Value of Corporate Social Responsibility towards the SDGs of the Paris Agreement.

We all, in this historic moment of transition and profound transformation,
are called to build the future.
Sustainability is the only possible choice to promote economic and productive growth while safeguarding the environment, society, and the community for the benefit of future generations.
At Kontractor, we have incorporated the pursuit
of the following SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) into our corporate assets,
as defined in the Paris Agreement.

Manifesto di sostenibilità Kontractor | Il Valore della Responsabilità Sociale di Impresa verso gli SDGs dell’Agenda di Parigi​ |

SDG 7 – Clean and Affordable Energy

Designing and constructing to increasingly utilize energy from renewable sources, aiming for energy self-sufficiency and carbon neutrality in buildings, is one of our sustainable objectives.
Equipping buildings with solar panels, designing and implementing them to harness natural light, and creating a building envelope with high thermal insulation performance are just a few of the many tangible design choices we make in every project.

SDG 8 – Decent Work and Economic Growth

A well-organized work environment, with proper compensation and full compliance with all regulations: at Kontractor, we believe that every project is a space for sharing commitment, skills, and responsibilities for the realization of a common goal.It is capable of ensuring economic satisfaction and professional growth for all employees through necessary measures of safety, welfare, inclusion, combating discrimination of any kind, internal communication, including topics related to reducing the environmental impact of the entire industry.

SDG 11 – Inclusive, Safe, Resilient, and Sustainable Cities and Human Settlements

Reducing the social, environmental, and landscape impact of buildings in the contexts where they are constructed means making a concrete contribution to improving the quality of life for the communities that inhabit them.
For us at Kontractor, putting people at the center means listening to the needs and requirements of all stakeholders and making them a fundamental component of every property we build.

SDG 12 – Responsible Consumption and Production

We focus on doing more and better with less raw materials and less energy. For example, consuming only what is necessary, optimizing the management of natural resources, leveraging technological innovation and materials to reduce environmental impact, prioritizing the use of local resources which will minimize the impact of the supply chain in all construction phases.
We also focus on materials with a high recycling rate, objectives we consistently pursue with responsibility, following the principles of responsible design and construction.

SDG 13 – Climate Action

With an atmospheric concentration of CO2 exceeding 48% compared to pre-industrial levels, actively combating ongoing climate change is one of the main objectives of the construction industry.
Only by investing resources in environmental protection can we achieve the goal of effectively reducing climate-altering emissions. Every design and operational choice we propose, focus on this objective, with the understanding that the sustainability of the building represents an advantage for everyone, including future generations.

SDG 17 – Partnership for Goals

At Kontractor, it is important to promote inclusive collaboration built on principles and values, a shared vision, and shared objectives that prioritize people and the planet. Partnership is seen as a team effort where everyone, in their respective roles, through the enhancement of their qualities and skills, can make a difference in achieving the final outcome.

Kontractor leverages the best collaboration which is based on the required expertise, tailor-made project teamscomposed of companies and professionals sharing the same strategic vision, promoting understanding of the characteristics that enhance the quality of buildings, encouraging research, innovation, and more sustainable design and technical solutions, promoting good practice in the circular economy, and activating positive collaborative dynamics with local socio-cultural entities.

It is a challenge we undertake at the beginning of every project, from the initial phase to completion, ultimately guiding the client towards correct use of the building.

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Sustainability is our only possible choice to promote economic and productive growth
while protecting the environment, society, and the community, for the benefit of our and future generations.

Manifesto di sostenibilità Kontractor | Valore della Responsabilità Sociale di Impresa |