The Value of the Economy of Relationships

For Kontractor the relationship represents value for our sustainable thinking and working approach. In fact, this approach is the ethically correct and competitive benchmark of our business.

It is our firm belief that we can achieve positive and lasting results by investing in quality

Manifesto di sostenibilità Kontractor | Il Valore dell’Economia delle Relazioni |

Our company vision, which places human values at the center is the reason why people choose to work for us. Every project we undertake is the result of teamwork based on a win- win philosophy, where all stakeholders respect each other’s roles and form a crucial link in the construction chain. Bound by a relationship of mutual trust, we work together to achieve the final objectives, ensuring the complete satisfaction of everyone involved.

Our successful projects are the result of collaboration and cooperation. For example, our projects can be seen as a large puzzle where skilled people
are placed in important positions and interact with each other to achieve a unique and shared final result: a quality building completed within the established timelines
and costs.
We strive to collaborate with non-profit associations in the local community, universities, and research centers, with a focus on green building and human value. We also strive to practice sustainable leadership and pursue our work methods.

This is achieved by fostering cohesion and sharing, creating a genuine economy of relationships, which is an ideal governance model for promoting and disseminating sustainability,
as inspired by SDG 17 of the Paris Agreement.

One of the defining actions of our work is to promote and communicate the culture of sustainability to architects, designers, and technicians, to ensure that all choices made are guided by a logic
of continuous improvement to reduce environmental impact and

promote greater cohesion with territories and communities. In addition, we would like to build awareness, environmental, social, and economic perspectives for the future and our children.

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Construction, collaboration and cooperation are the shared goals of creating a high-quality property, with established and agreed-upon timeframes and costs.

Manifesto di sostenibilità Kontractor | Valore dell’Economia delle Relazioni |