The Value of Social Sustainability in construction

A property is part of an ecosystem that includes community, landscape,
and territory.
With design, and construction, we must prioritize
people and their needs.
This is what we have always done and it is what we will continue to do.

Manifesto di sostenibilità Kontractor | Il Valore della Sostenibilità Sociale del costruire |

The tree in the photo was relocated to its habitat during the construction of the Last Mile warehouse in Udine. Kontractor collaborated with Hattiva Lab Cooperativa Sociale, which is committed to helping disabled and disadvantaged children, and Goodman Italy to save it. Vibrant nature always represents the triumph of life.

Building, living, and working in buildings that reduce environmental impact creates awareness and importance for stakeholders who live, operate inside and outside a property regarding
the planet and the environment. The common goal of sustainability creates a pact of responsible trust among all stakeholders who live and operate inside and outside a property.

This applies to the General Contractor, as well as those who will use the building, appreciating its functionality in management, comfort of
space, efficiency, reduction of energy and water consumption.
The relationship with the territory in which the property is located is of paramount importance in our corporate philosophy.
Our company philosophy recognizes the importance of property location as it needs to be carefully “built,” by listening to the community, with a perspective of shared benefit.

For this reason, even before administrative and authorization procedures can be considered, Kontractor initiates a dialogue with associations present in the area, especially the third sector, in order to collaborate and support workable initiatives.


The relationship of the property with the territory in which it is located must be carefully built,
always starting from listening, with a perspective of creating
value for the entire community.
This is our company philosophy.

Manifesto di sostenibilità Kontractor | Valore della Sostenibilità Sociale |

In 2023, Kontractor established a relationship with Crescendo Insieme of Colleferro (RM) whose family members had Downs syndrome, with the aim of sharing experiences regarding the birth, growth, development, and integration of their children into society. Over the years, with the help of volunteers, they have been able to create activities and projects with positive results.
Our collaboration with them stems from our desire to support local associations and do good works. Because one can work wellby doing good.

«It has been a positive experience for us at Kontractor because we have worked with excellent volunteers
that represent an infinite wealth for our Country.
It shows us the true value of individuals lies in caring for others and respecting differences. We are proud, therefore, to be a part of their growth.
When the passion for one’s work results in projects that bring smiles, then we have truly found the key to success».