The Value of Corporate Social Responsibility Sustainability in the construction sector.

We build up your value is not just our slogan-pay off, but it is what we truly believe in.
Respect for individuals and the environment are at the core of our thinking and working.

Manifesto di sostenibilità Kontractor | Il Valore della Responsabilità Sostenibile nel settore delle Costruzioni​ |

Our planet has now reached 8 billion inhabitants, and estimates predict that by 2050, more than two-thirds of the global population will live in cities, which are already responsible for 60% of energy consumption and 70% of climate-altering emissions.
This is the data that makes the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), identified internationally by the Paris Agreement, more urgent and no longer postponable. The new European sustainable building regulations define certification procedures and increasingly objective and measurable standards of quality and sustainability.

Responsibility and quality in the management of every project represent our daily contribution to making the construction industry an active and positive protagonist in the ecological transition.
Ours is a concrete commitment to meet the requirements that encompass the three dimensions of sustainability: environmental, social, and economic.

In the design and construction of buildings, the following become crucial:

  • Conservation of materials, water, and energy;
  • Use of renewable energy sources;
  • Utilization of construction materials with a high recycling rate;
  • Respect for hydrogeological balances and natural ecosystems of the area;
  • Coherence with the community;
  • Listening to community needs.

These choices create lasting value for buildings, defined as a competitive factor for development that benefits all stakeholders in the design and construction industry.

When considering stakeholders as factors in building strong relationships based on mutual trust, this allows us to share common goals that go beyond the construction site and the project. It also enables us to define the sustainable quality of our relationships as a decisive factor in always achieving the best outcome.

Best practice for us means working together.


The genuine value of sustainability is created only through the exercise of responsibility, as an ethical principle and foundation of our corporate culture.

Manifesto di sostenibilità Kontractor | Valore della Responsabilità Sostenibile​ |