The Value of Methodology.
From General Contractor to Sustainable Leadership

Kontractor is the sole point of contact for clients, to ensure reliable timelines, cost controls, and high-quality standards.
Manifesto di sostenibilità Kontractor | Il Valore del Metodo. Dal General Contractor alla Leadership Sostenibile |

Kontractor’s leadership is the essential tool for governance. With our vision, leadership is a fundamental asset for achieving project sustainability.It involves understanding the client’s needs, promoting teamwork, establishing common and shared goals, ensuring quality in relationship management, valuing every resource, and listening to the needs of each individual, following the principles of work-life balance.

We call this approach Sustainable Leadership.

For Kontractor the key figure is the Project Manager because he is responsible for every construction phase, including all bureaucratic requirements. He also identifies professionals, collaborators, and suppliers with the most suitable skills for each project, ensuring adherence to timelines and the highest quality standards.

The Project Manager interprets and shapes the design plan of the client and provides the best possible technical solutions to enhance the project’s
sustainable identity
This integration of leadership, governance, and work methodology optimizes the entire process and ensures a successful final outcome as well as a timely delivery of turnkey service.


The key figure in Kontractor is the Project Manager. because he is responsible for every construction phase,
Indeed it is the Project Manager who demonstrates what we term Sustainable

Manifesto di sostenibilità Kontractor | Il Valore della Responsabilità Sociale di Impresa verso gli SDGs dell’Agenda di Parigi​ |