The Value of Green Building for Economic, Environmental, and Social Sustainability

The primary form of responsibility for Kontractor is the continuous search for increasingly sustainable solutions to achieve
the goal of the “Green
Building” model. Therefore we focus on constructing
buildings with low environmental
and landscape impact, energy-efficient designs,
and a focus on the comfort,
health and safety of those who inhabit them.

Manifesto di sostenibilità Kontractor | Il Valore del Green Building per la Sostenibilità Economica, Ambientale e Sociale |

An example of this is our commitment to Green Warehousing, where we focus on designing and constructing environmentally friendly properties for logistical purposes.

Where the supply chain has a significant environmental impact, with logistical activities accounting for an average of 10-11% of global CO2 emissions (data from Center for Sustainable Logistics and Supply Chain (CSLS) the Kuhne University of Logistics) so building increasingly sustainable properties means supporting the green transition process.

In collaboration with important corporate entities, including KONTRACTOR, the OSIL Observatory on logistics real estate at the LIUC – Cattaneo University has introduced a specific sustainable quality indexcalled VA.LO.RE. This rating system analyzes and assesses the environmental impact of logistical properties using solid, objective, and shared criteria.

According to OSIL’s research, 55% of existing warehouses in Italy today do not meet sustainability requirements, while the remaining 45% with environmental certification, such as those built by Kontractor, achieve levels of absolute excellence by employing the most advanced and innovative technological solutions.

Our goal is to help define and share a certified and measurable sustainable design and construction model for all types of properties we build, including logistical, industrial, commercial, and office spaces.

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Our goal is to define a sustainable design and construction model for all types of our property

Manifesto di sostenibilità Kontractor | Valore del Green Building |