The Value of ESG criteria as Development and Innovation factors in the Construction sector

One of our top priorities is making sure the value associated with the sustainability of the projects we undertake matches ESG criteria.
Now that non-financial parameters are used, respect for environment and communities and good management and governance practices, our work takes on increasingly tangible and verifiable characteristics.
As a result, this becomes a new competitive and sustainable factor that describes our properties and our corporate philosophy.

Manifesto di sostenibilità Kontractor | Il Valore dei criteri ESG come fattori di Sviluppo e Innovazione del settore delle Costruzioni |

Alongside the ESG ranking, the requirement of non-financial reporting and the new European Taxonomy, are factors that make companies more secure, attractive and competitive.

Current reasearch has highlighted how the evaluation of a sustainable property,certified according to green protocols, yields higher returns compared to traditional properties. This comes at a time when the proactive approach of design and construction towards ESG issues is spreading to lease agreements, which are starting to include the first green clauses to save on operational costs.

Building sustainably means paying attention to multiple elements, such as use of the property, quality of the relationship with stakeholders and the community, reputational benefits for all actors in the supply chain, reduction in the likelihood of legal disputes, reduced dependence on energy costs and minimization of the risk of environmental damage.


A building built
A building built by adhering to ESG criteria becomes a Sustainability
Charter in itself.

Manifesto di sostenibilità Kontractor | Valore dei criteri ESG |