Turnkey construction

Kontractor By Kopron S.p.a.

We offer our clients a comprehensive personalized service from design to turnkey construction.
We assume responsibility for all servicesundertaken enabling the client to focus on their business with confidence.

Turnkey construction

What we offer. We:

  • Create turnkey bespoke properties
  • Are the only interlocutor for the customer or the design studio
  • Manage the real estate project as a whole, with global assumption of responsibilities
  • Guarantee a fixed, flat-rate turnkey price
  • Offer the certainty of construction times
  • Respect the performance and quality of the work
  • Engineer existing projects through the search for technical-economic optimisations
  • Coordinate the urban planning, administrative, financial and legal aspects
  • Maximize quality standards
  • Respect the environment and the territory
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Project Management

We offer consultancy and engineering services, specifically for the client or designer who manages the real estate operation