Serena & Manente

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Serena & Manente

New store with offices cinstruction for sale of agricultural and livestock products

Progetto Serena & Manente con realizzazione di un nuovo punto vendita con uffici, dedicato alla commercializzazione di prodotti agricoli e zootecnici | Kontractor by Kopron |

The project

Sector: Retail | Commercial
Client: Serena&Manente
Year of construction: 2017
Place: Favaro Veneto (Venezia, Italy)
Object of the contract: Turnkey construction

The choice of a General Contractor, solely responsible for the project, was an absolute advantage for us, managing all the construction phases witrhout Interfering with my business activities.
Kontractor helped us to optimize costs and quality, supporting us in the technical and architectural choices. We established a relationship of trust, important to achieve all the objectives.

Matteo Volpato | Managing Director Serena&Manente

Main features of the project:

  • Useful floor area about 2,100 sqm, divided between warehouse, offices and store
  • External paved surface about 4,700 sqm
  • Facades made of prefabricated thermal break panels with transmittance U=0.30 w/m2K
  • Industrial flooring made of natural colored oxides and protective hardening treatment with lithium silicate- based nanotechnology
  • Air conditioning system realized with technologies that respect 50% of primary energy requirement produced from renewable energies
  • Flat roof made of polyolefin covering, suitable for photovoltaic installation, with transmittance U=0.25 w/m2K
  • Led lighting system
  • Detailed analysis of colors and outer finishes
  • Study of the compositional arrangement of elements and accessories

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