Dimo Euronics

Kontractor by Kopron S.p.a.

Dimo Euronics

Logistic expansion of the operational headquarters in Vercelli (Italy) for an area of approximately 10,000 sqm and related urbanization works

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The project

Sector: Logistics
Client: DIMO S.p.A. (Euronics)
Year of construction: 2020
Place: Vercelli (Italy)
Object of the contract:Town planning practices | Construction Permit (P/C) | Turnkey Building Construction

For the expansion of the warehouse we chose Kontractor, a young but expert company. To give continuity to what has already been achieved, we trusted the same project team with which we had already collaborated. A winning choice, which has been able to combine heart and competence.

Massimiliano Piccaluga | DIMO S.p.A. Technical Office Manager

Main features of the project:

  • Expansion of the existing logistics building for a covered area of 9,736 sqm
  • External paved surfaces in concrete and asphalt, for vehicle handling and loading/unloading, with a surface area of approximately 2,500 sqm
  • Loading bays on two opposite sides of the building (11 on the north side / 6 on the south side)
  • Sectional doors with access to yard level (2 north side / 4 south side)
  • External metal canopies for loading/unloading operations
  • Green arrangements of the remaining area of the intervention lot, grassing and planting with native species
  • Creation of the rainwater drainage and disposal system of the paved surfaces and roofs in the project through a dedicated lamination basin
  • Works inside the existing buildings: expansion of the area dedicated to the canteen and construction of new toilet blocks

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