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Aromata Group

Industrial plant expansion and modernization

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The project

Sector: international agri-food

Client: Aromata Group s.r.l. | Variati & CO S.p.A.
Year of construction: 2021 – 2022 – 2023
Location: Concorezzo (MB) Italy
Object of the contract: Renovation and Building Turnkey Construction

The restructuring and expansion of the existing production plant in Concorezzo is a very articulated and rather complex job.
In fact, the food industry requires knowledge of and compliance with very stringent HACCP regulations on hygiene and the materials to be used. Furthermore, production inside the building will not stop during the work and the areas subject to intervention will be organized in different steps and compartments so as not to interfere with the company business and to ensure the safety of the environments and employees.

Simone Pellegrini | Project Manager Kontractor by Kopron

Main features of the project:

  • Intervention of a different nature for areas that have different intended uses (industrial, logistics, offices and technology)
  • Work divided into 6 different construction areas for a total of 7,500 sqm
  • Plant, structural and finishing renovation works in 3 areas of intervention
  • Construction of new structures in 3 different areas of intervention
  • Remaking of the entire system of external networks and subservices (sewers, fire prevention, process networks, etc.)
  • Compliance with HACCP regulations
  • No interruption of the production activity

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